WUSC Regina Success Story: Atem Martino Kunjok

Correction: Well don’t I feel foolish, but I’ve miscredited part of this success story. It actually belongs to two people! The first link is indeed the story of Atem Kunjok. The second link, however, is the success story of another fantastic WUSCer, Mike Luti, originally from Uganda, and now working in Saskatchewan as a Health Analyst. Thanks to Manie for pointing out my error!

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As we are only two sleeps away from Semere and Muse arriving in the Regina Airport, we thought it would be interesting to take a look back at students who have arrived in years past, and to see where they are now. We are so proud to present the story of Atem Martino Kunjok, who arrived in Regina as Semere and Muse will, but ten years ago, in 2001.

Since his arrival, Atem has earned his Bachelors of Art and Education at the UofR. He has also brought his wife to Canada from Sudan, and now resides in Regina where he continues to engage in community service locally. He hasn’t lost contact with Sudan, though, and is doing amazing work in the education field in Sudan.

Check out his story with the Western Catholic Reporter here.

Stories like these, that show how much students around the world have to contribute to their communities, new and old alike, make us that much more excited to greet Semere and Muse in two days’ time, and to see what they will achieve in the coming years!

Jessica Brown


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One response to “WUSC Regina Success Story: Atem Martino Kunjok

  1. Rachel MacDonald

    Jessica, thank you for posting this. Really. Atem’s quietly doing so much to help others and do his best in the world now that he’s got the chance, and I really admire him for that. Shows a lot of determination, resilience, a clear understanding of the needs of others, and hope. It’s important to recognize people like him. All the best! Take care, Rachel.

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