Two SRP Students Become a Canadian Citizen: Manie Wollel & Halima Siman

Most of the time dream becomes a reality sooner or later in our life time.Today November 14, 2011 the Canadian Citizenship was awarded to 50 immigrants from 21 countries across the globe in Saskatchewan, Regina. Among them the two SRP students include Manie Wollel from University of Regina, and Halima Siman from SIAST. Both of us are originally from Ethiopia and Somalia respectively. We came from one of the largest refugee camps in Kenya through World University Service of Canada. Both of us got our Canadian Citizenship today [editor’s note: November 16th].

For us this day is one of the most exceptional moments in our life for various reasons.The people and the government of Canada gave us an exceptional chance to continue our post secondary education and whatever we would like to do in our life. Here after we are becoming one of the proud Canadian Citizens. For that it is beyond our words to say thank you and to appreciate the people and the government of Canada in general and University of Regina in particular. Many thanks for WUSC Ottawa, URGR and WUSC Local Committe at the University of Regina. Without them I /we the SRP students could not make it. Exceptional thanks for our lovely, committed, and selfless fellow Canadian students, at the University of Regina, who are very close friends and family members at the same time : Jessica Brown, Aurora Elig, Andrea Hoffman, Merrissa, Haanim Nur and Janna to name a few.

Manie Wollel
When I was in one of the biggest refugee camps in Kenya, Kakuma Refugee Camp, I saw and met a number of foreigner visitors. All of them introduced themselves as Canadian citizens even though some of them came from the United States and other parts of the world. Mainly because most of the refugees around the camp consider Canada and Canadians as one of the most peace loving countries and friendly people in the world (Except the Harper Government – kidding!). Since then, I was extremely obsessed and had a dream to go to Canada. Unintentionally, one of my white shirts to protect the harsh climate at a time had a Canadian Map and flag with a maple leaf.

However, I had no idea how to get the chance to immigrate Canada. After two years of my stay, I heard the Scholarship called World University Service of Canada. Then I tried everything the best to get the scholarship and to migrate to Canada. Even though one of the deadliest competitions ever in my life, I succeeded to pass the scholarship and came to Canada as one of the SRP permanent residents.

After my four years of stay in Canada, I applied to be a Canadian citizen last October 2010.Today is one of the special moments in my life and my longest dreams become a reality. Here after I am one of the proud Canadians entitle to do and to travel anywhere in the world freely. Now with a Canadian Citizen ship the sky is the limit to do whatever I would like to do so. My first journey will start to visit my families in Ethiopia in the near future. I never saw and visited my families for the last 10 years. I missed them a lot. The last but not the least and once again I am extremely appreciative and thankful for the people and the government of Canada in general, and the University of Regina in particular !!



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