WUSC Regina Supports Fair Trade! You Should Too!

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This Valentines Day WUSC Regina will be handing out fair trade chocolates and coffee for students! We want to show how important it is that we keep supporting fair trade to provide equal opportunities for people in the work place as well as in education. WUSC and WUSC Regina proudly supports fair trade because it empowers people to rise above the challenges of the market pressure they face.

Investing in people instead of financial markets reinforces economic power within communities. By purchasing Fair Trade products, we can help individuals and communities to take control of their lives. Not only will they see a difference in their livelihoods, they will also have better access to education, health care services, public participation and much more. You too can contribute. Give the economy a more human face by promoting ethical purchasing.

According to Uniterra:

The reality is that our economy is profit driven. Many people chose to buy products at the lowest possible cost, favoring manufacturers who respond by keeping it cheap! But while we might be saving on the final price tag, we are losing out in other ways.

  • It’s cheaper to move production to the poorest of the poor countries – taking advantage of lax or absent environmental and labour laws and of a workforce desperate because of massive unemployment.

  • It’s cheaper to pay the people making the product or harvesting the crop the absolute minimum – workers are lucky if they earn enough to survive.

  • It’s cheaper to offer poor working conditions and not to spend on health and safety practices, especially disadvantaging women and children.

  • It’s cheaper to not consider the environment and use destructive practices rather than sustainable ones.

  • It’s cheaper to maintain this status quo.

In contrast, investing in people allows them to lift themselves out of poverty: by developing their resources, they increase their economic power and, with work and efforts, they manage to escape poverty and to be autonomous. In short, this way they take charge of their destiny on the economical side, and this has an impact at many levels – social, health, education, equality between women and men, political participation, community and will benefit future generations.




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