About Us

cropped-545421_10151117518513549_1965532384_n.jpgWUSC stands for World University Service of Canada

Sounds official, but what is it?

World University Service of Canada is a network of individuals and post-secondary institutions who believe that all people are entitled to the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to a more equitable world.

WUSC Regina is one chapter of a network of committees that work at universities across Canada to foster human development and global understanding through education and training. WUSC Regina is a student group on campus that works for international and local development through environmental and social justice.

Our mission is to foster human development and global understanding through education and training. 

In our eyes, education is the one universal path leading to a better and more equitable world, the path that both reveals our responsibility to contribute to the common good and makes it possible for us to do so. 

WUSC is engaged with more than 50 universities and colleges across Canada, of which the University of Regina is one.

Our main program is The Sponsored Refugee Program, or SRP, which was established by WUSC National in 1978. Each year, since 1982, WUSC Regina has sponsored a refugee (usually two) students from refugee camps around the world to come to the U of R to study. They receive their permanent residence permit and a scholarship towards their university degree. For their first year, we support them in their academic, financial, physical, and spiritual needs. After the first year financial sponsorship ends, but we continue to provide them with support in the other areas of their lives. Over the years, we’ve sponsored students from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma-Thailand, El Salvador, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Nepal, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, and Sudan.

We also host Mock Refugee Camps, lectures, and film nights to raise awareness about refugee issues around the world and have been participating in the Shine a Light campaign to raise money for girls’ education in refugee camps. We have partnered with other groups on campus to carry out advocacy and awareness campaigns about issues like HIV/AIDS and human rights issues and abuses.

Change won’t happen on its own.

Act now.

We are currently meeting in the our WUSC OFFICE Room 221  in the Ridell Centre by the Students Union. We are alternating days on Mondays and Wednesdays  at 5:30pm! Please come and join our conversations and discussions about the future of WUSC Regina, everyone is welcome!



One response to “About Us

  1. To whom it may concern,

    As an student organization within its beginning stages, we are interested in understanding the stages of planning and organization it took to get started. We are a group of African Canadian women at the University of Saskatchewan focused on empowering women of African descent.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

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